Ilsley Stump

The Grey-Blade Wanderer.


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Ilsley Stump

Class: Druid
Level: 6
Race: Human

Str 16 (+0+1)
Int 13
Wis 17
Dex 17 (+2 Missile)
Con 16
Cha 17

A.C. 3/0/-2/-5

H.P. 39

Ilsley Stump has travelled far and wide insearch of inner tranquility, in the hope of understanding the many mysteries of the world. Treading the path of balance, he seeks to restore his homeland and finally return home. But to conquer his mysterious and deadly foes he must first realise his place in the mortal realm.


It had always been the way of Ilsley’s clan to have the eldest child in each generation sent to live among the mystics of the The Lost Valley. There the young would be taught to channel the ancient and mysterious ways of the spirit world and the primordial power of nature. Ilsley was trained in the arts of martial combat and was presented with their favoured weapon the Sais.
The once tranquil valley however became victim to a foul shadowy plague that killed most of his kinsmen and twisted the landscape into something unnatural. Ilsley and his remaining kinsmen fought the Far Realm invaders at tremendous cost driving them from the mortal world but not before they managed to corrupt the valley. Now Ilsley, one of only a handful of survivors, seeks to discover a way of cleansing his homeland and in doing so hopes to reunite the tribe and restore it to its former glory.
After the destruction of Black Harry and his army of undead Ilsley left his fellow adventurers an continued his travels alone. Who knows what problems await him on the road ahead, but every step brings him closer to understanding the truth about his past.


Ilsley Stump

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