Ilsley Stump's trusted friend and companion.



Level: 2
Race: Mirror-spren

hp:(HD 2) 14

a.c.: 5


Tongue Whip (1D4) plus saving throw vs. poison (see below)

Hallucinagenic Poison Subjects must make a saving throw versus poison or begin to hallucinate preventing them from taking action for 1d4 rounds.

Special Abilities

Empathic Influence As a form of defense the mirror-spren can attempt to influence animal and human emotions, for example. calming emotions of anger or agression to diffuse a combat situation or raging fearful emotions to scare opponents.

Blurred Form Due to the continually shifting colours of the mirror-spren, they are effectively protected by a form of ‘blur’ spell as the second level illusionist spell.

Concealment Its skin allows it to blend seamlessly into any environment and due to its size it has an 80% chance of being undetected.

Colour Spray Twice a day the mirror-spren may release a burst of colour which acts like the first level illusionist spell of the same name.


The mirror-spren are a mysterious and due to their passive nature incredibly rare species. They exist mainly in the humid rainforests of The Lost Valley and feed off small insects and also particular forms of plant life. They can live for upto hundreds of years, and grow to weigh as much as 8 pounds. Mirror-spren are incredibly sociable creatures, tending to communicate via displays of colour as well as by their unique empathic abilities. In times of danger these creatures have an effective array of talents which they can utilize to confuse and incapacitate enemies or hide and then escape. Their skin is highly desired by magic users and alchemists for its valuable concealment properties and also the poison secreted through its tongue is highly priced by thieve and assassin guilds. To even set eyes on a mirror-spren is said to bring about wonderous good luck and also heralds the dawning of peace.

Nemmer as named by his companion Ilsley Stump is a very unique and special member of his species. He is the first mirror-spren to ever leave his homeland and also one of the few ever to share a sacred bond with a human. They have formed an inseparable relationship each relying on the other for company and survival and have shared much even in their short time together.


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