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My road has been arduous and dangerous but has also yielded much pleasure and intrigue. A most unlikely union between a somewhat passive paladin and a tainted user of magic was a highlight. Although there was of course the hanging man tree, a dangerous foe, especially considering its taste for both animal and human flesh alike and also not forgetting the dark lord of undeath, Black Harry and his legions of abominations. I didn’t believe we would survive the final battle outnumbered as we were, but we fought on and eventually prevailed against the rising darkness. Calling upon the primordial powers of nature was particularly draining but maybe it is time that i accept and nurture my potential.
All in all a fascinating few weeks, not to mention the aquisition of a few magical trinkets and a beautiful suit of armour crafted from the very hide of an ankheg. But alas now i must leave my companions, but safe in the knowledge that Gib Rus and the surrounding lands are safe for the time being and that i have made some valuable friends in the process. In fact I have this very evening heard rumours of unusual goings on in a mountain town called Ilgeraic and so i believe that is where my path shall take me next.

May 10, 2012 14:11

I had been travelling for three days, but remarkably hadn’t met a single soul on the road. There had been a distinct chill on the air this day and as I ambled onwards the frosted blades of grass had caught my eye, glistening like tiny gemstones. Refocusing my attention back to the road I spotted ahead what looked to be a broken down cart and encircling the vehicle were six figures clad in leather, some seemed to be investigating its contents whilst others watched the road. As they spotted me the largest man I assumed to be the leader, began to smile, pointed in my direction and uttered something to the others. At this, gleaming weapons were clumsily unsheathed and three of the men charged. Bandits. Anticipating trouble I liberated my sai from their holsters, moved into a defensive stance and prepared for combat. They demanded I put down my weapons and relinquish whatever valuables I had, but I knew better then to bow to thugs like these. As I tightened the grip on my sai I lunged forward. Their sword strokes glanced harmlessly off my armour and as one attempted to restrain me I reflexively reversed my weapons and struck out at his unprotected head. Down he sank to the floor, blood trickling from the puncture wound. The other two desperately struck at me as I dived to the side, but both plainly lacked swordsmanship as they ineffectively slashed at empty space. Two more crunching sounds followed by cries could be heard as my hilts slammed into their chests and stomachs irrespectively and they both fell to the floor at my feet.
The other two men brandishing their swords and their apparent leader who held a nasty looking great sword in his hands screamed in fury as they surroundeded and simultaneously struck at me. One of their blades managed to find my flesh and I bit back a scream of pain, seeing this as an opportunity the largest brute cleaved at me with his hefty two handed sword. The resulting blow opened a wound in my side and I sensed the familiar warmth of blood as it seeped down my skin. Swiftly breaking out from the circle, I reversed my blades and successfully managed to hook my curved yoki under the cross guard of the vicious two handed sword. In a single fluid motion the weapon flew from the leaders grasp to land on the path a few feet away. As the others turned to attack and the larger man unsheathed a dagger, I inverted my sai for a final time and delivered two unerring blows to the two smaller men. They both flew backwards collapsing in a heap just off the road, and as I turned to deal with the leader, his face contorted in horror as he turned tail and scurried off. I sheathed my blades as I walked over to the four unconscious bandits. There i tended to their wounds and then dragged them to the side of the road. After whispering a few words to the slain individual and then patching up my own wounds I left the blooded road behind and continued onwards.


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