Aetheric Adept

Aetheric adepts study the magic of Artifice. They work Aetheric Magic through self belief and force of will, and rigorous mental training is required to work more complex enchantments. They can inspire self-belief or even pick apart another’s thoughts. The most dedicated learn to truly put mind over matter and learn to heal physical and mental wounds, take control of another’s body, or travel vast distances on a thought. It is said that Aetheric adepts all have an uncanny sense of rhythm,something that is thought to play a part in ones potential to master Artifice. The rigorous mental training required leaves very little time for combat training, and most adepts are also scholars. Aetheric adepts gain a variety of spells similar to divine magic, as well as from the schools of enchantment and illusion, making them very versatile casters that can manipulate both ally and enemy.

Aetheric adepts prefer to wear no armour, largely because their training is not battle oriented as with clerics, but also because Aetheric magic required precise concentration. Being stuck in a hot, uncomfortable suit of armour does not help with this. As far as weapons are concerned, adepts are proficient in simple weapons, much as a mage can use, but are not limited to this. An adept could, if they chose gain battle training, granting proficiency with weapons similar to that of a rogue (eg, crossbows, swords etc) and use of simple armours.
Aetheric adepts requie both high intelligence and wisdom. The rigorous study needed to learn Aetheric magic requires the good memory, reasoning and learning ability granted by high intelligence, whilst strength of will granted by high wisdom aids in the actual practice of Artifice.

Class Ability Minimums: Int 10, Wis 10

HD/lvl: d6
Combat: As Wizard
Saving Throws: As Cleric
XP: As Cleric

An adept gains spells/level as a mage would, but also gain bonus spells for high Intelligence (as per wisdom table.
At 1st level an Aetheric adept may choose a specialty school. This gives the Adept a bonus when using a particular type of Artifice.

Specialty domains

Tormalin Adept: The Aetheric Adept is skilled at enchantments that soothe and bolster both the mind and body. They gain a +1/die bonus to enchantments that heal and improve abilities.

Soluran Adept: The Aetheric Adept is skilled at enchantments that charm and beguile. Targets take a -1 penalty to their saving throws from spells that charm, compel or confuse.

Elietimm Adept: The Aetheric adept is skilled with the more harmful aspects of Artifice. Targets take a -1 to their saving throws against Illusions and spells that cause direct harm.

Anyatimm Adept: The Aetheric adept is skilled at manipulating thoughts and memories. Targets take a -1 to saving throws against spells that read or change thoughts/memories.

Suthyfer Adept: The Aetheric adept has a greater understanding of the interactions between Artifice and elemental magic. Empower/Weaken: Once/day the targets of an elemental spell take either a +2 or -2 bonus/penalty to their saving throws.

Lescari Adept: The Aetheric adept has undergone battle training and can wield a wider variety of weapons and use Aetheric magic whilst wearing light armours. The adept uses the cleric table to hit and gains proficiency with the following weapons and armour: club, mace, dagger, crossbow, knife, broad sword, long sword, short sword, staff, leather armour, padded leather, studded leather.

Aetheric Adept

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