Aetheric Magic

Whilst priestly and elemental magic rely on an outside source of power, Aetheric magic, or Artifice, is dependant entirely on self-belief and confidence in ones own abilities. In addition, whereas only mageborn can use elemental magic, and only the truly devout may receive divine magic, Artifice can in theory be learned by anybody. Aetheric magic deals with the realm of the mind and altering perceptions. Skilled adepts are able to communicate telepathically over vast distances, instill courage into others, or even force someone to speak the truth. The truly skilled are able to put mind over matter and actually heal physical wounds, such as mending physical blindness or deafness rather than making a person believe they can see, or even fixing broke bones or other injuries.

Of course the abilities of Artifice can be turned against an enemy. Charms and enchantments can convince and enemy that the adept is a trusted friend, or even seize control of their will entirely. Other charms can instill dire fear in an enemy, make them believe they are blind, or instill visions and illusions of the mind, altering the enemies view of reality for a time. The most deadly such workings can actually tear a mind asunder or even make a being believe that they have been killed, thus killing them in reality. All adepts are warned of the potential abuses of such magic during their training.

Aetheric Adepts are largely scholars who delve into lost lore to uncover these enchantments. This is perhaps due to the precise mental concentration required to work the more advanced enchantments, of which scholarly thinking helps train. Several other traditions of Aetheric magic exist amongst different cultures, though this is the tradition amongst areas once controlled by the Syrician Empire.

Mageborn and Aetheric Magic

Elemental mages have never been able to work Aetheric enchantments however diligently they study. Mages are also uniquely susceptible to aetheric magic whilst they are using their own magic. Some scholars are looking into the interaction between the two types of magic in the hope that the two could be used in combination, and also to identify why mageborn are both susceptible to Aetheric magic and cannot use it themselves.

Aetheric Magic

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