A small logging village on the northern border of The Forest Of Gib Rus. They supply many rare hardwoods and wooden items to the town of Malorie

Whilst only a hamlet in size, there are a few of noteworthy people and places within Erran. The first of these is the local tavern, The PumpkInn, which is renowned for its delicious pumpkin ale made all through the Summer and Autumn months. This delightful ale is brewed by hand by the Innkeeper Jonah Darrian and features in the book ‘100 Ales to try before you die’.

The second is the Blacksmith Baldric Tathiel. This man once served in the legendary Kingfishers as one of their finest smithies. Now retired and living the quiet life, Baldric creates fine axes and horseshoes for the villagers.

Finally the sage Elsa Songspar has been living in Erran for 7 years now. Having completed her training as a Transmutor she has moved to Erran to work on less scripted forms of alchemy and Alteration magics. Her affinity is with the Earth, though she also shows ample skill with Water magic.


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