The lost Valley

Long ago, the earthmother planted a seed within the heart of Xuitei, and to that seed she whispered ’Grow my sweet, let this valley be your cradle, the warm earth caress you, and its mighty rivers water you. One day, you will fill this entire land, and then you will care for all within you, just as this valley shelters you. You will bare fruit for your hungry children, so that they might feed as you did from the earth, and grow strong. There will come a time when you must put your trust in your children, and let them care for you, so that you can continue to care for them, for there will come a time when I cannot do so

The Earthmother’s promise

The lost valley lies deep within the mountains of Xuitei. This expansive jungle is said to be the cradle of life itself; the place where The Earthmother sowed the first ever seed. Several small clans dwell within the lost valley, and are said to be its stewards. Whilst many are born into this life, others are recruited from elsewhere in the continent and are taught the ways of The Earthmother. These people are said to be able to call upon the spirit of the Earthmother herself to smite those who defile nature, drawing powerful druidic magic from the very lifeforce of the land around them. Their code decrees that they must not kill a living creature unless absolutely neccessary, and so they have developed a unique combat style based on the various martial arts present in Xuitei that revolves largely around disarming and disabling an attacker. Each clan is said to use their own largely non-lethal signature weapon and so also a different variation of combat syle.

Recently the clans have gone silent, more than one report of an entire clan found dead have come in. Bodies found were cold, and strangely gray and colourless, as if the very essence of life had just left them. Strange creatures not of this world are said to stalk the valley, and the landscape has become a nightmarish contortion of its former beauty.

The lost Valley

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