The Syrician Empire

The Syrician Empire has gone through a recent civil upheaval, and has lost the provine of Valroux. The previous Emperor was very much a Tyrant who cared only for his own gain. However his daughter, a good-hearted Paladin of Arissia has recently taken the throne. Some even claim she slew her own father to save her people from him. As such The Syrician Empire is now largely peaceful again, if much smaller, and the Queen is trying to right her fathers wrongs. Even so, many border towns hold grudges against those who dwell in the White city of splendor, seeing them as frivolous and aloof.

The North



Frostspire peaks

Hammersmith Citadel

Gib Rus: The central region




Forest Of Gib Rus

Redwood Cathedral

The East


The Dragon’s Teeth

The South

The Marsh Grande’


The West

The Syrician Empire

Shadowplague Mils