Pronounced Ill-jur-ack

Illgeraic is a small village on the slopes of the The Dragon’s Teeth. The unique micro-climate formed by a ring of small foothills shelter the area from the harsh weather systems of the mountains, providing a warm, temperate and relatively wind-free environment that grape-farmers have managed to exploit. The valley has an abundance of plant species not seen elsewhere in the empire The combination of nutrient rich soil, and the warm temperate air, allows the grapes to grow to a much larger size without succumbing to moulds and mildews. It is said some of the finest wines in the empire have been made in Illgeraic, and wine-making is the small village’s main source of trade. Recently the empire has been receiving far less wine from the region than is normal for this time of year. Most put it down to a bad season.

UPDATE: Ilsley Stump has heard rumors of shadowy figures in the area.

UPDATE: Following investigation by Illsley, this town has now been abandoned due to a strange plague that had afflicted the land. Though Illsley has purified the corrupted water source and dispatched the strange otherworldly creatures that had taken route, he has evacuated the surviving people to safer lands.


Shadowplague Mils