The Divine are but one of the many mysteries of the world, why they take an interest in the affairs of mortals is beyond our comprehension, yet the fact remains that they do. Those who worship can die safe in the knowledge that their spirits will move safely on to the astral plane, where their God will watch over them. The most faithful are rewarded in prayer, and are able to channel their God’s divine power to perform miracles that can both bless and curse their fellow mortals. Many Gods exist, some perhaps that we do not even know of, but the most common faiths are detailed here.

Lawful Good
Arissia -The White Lady

Bahamut -The Platinum Dragon

Neutral Good
Boccob -The Master of all Magic

True Neutral
The Earthmother -Not a Deity, but the spirit of the Land itself

Lawful Evil
Tiamat -The Chromatic Dragon

Neutral Evil
Vecna -The Arch-lich, Lord of Undeath


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